Use Instagram To Connect To Clients

6 ways to make Instagram increase your profit.

Instagram is undoubtedly the best way to make your salon popular with over 200 million users on it. For a salon business, your work speaks for your brand and what better way is to market than posting its images. People watching your skills and knowing the charges before entering your salon can definitely get you more customers.

Here, are 7 simple ways to make Instagram increase your revenue.

1.    Post What’s Trending :

No matter on which social media platform you are, it is crucial to stay in sync with the current trends. Posting something relevant as ‘how to do Deepika’s Wedding look’ can get tremendous attractions.

2.    Before & After Pictures :

You must have seen a lot of before and after pictures of makeup makeover. These posts show the power of grooming and thus make a huge impact on the audience. Make sure you post a few at intervals. 

3.    Use Location :

Mark the location in your posts to make people aware of your salon’s location. You can also use hashtags to reach the audience in nearby locations easily. Add your city’s hashtag to appear on your respective city’s hashtag page.   

4.    Add Fun To It :

Use witty and funny posts to add humour to your page. This will not only keep you on the top your customer’s mind but also help you get more shares. 

5.    Promotional Posts :

Festive offers, the season offers, happy hours, whatever it is, there is no better way to reach and interact with clients for free other than Instagram. Cut short the cost and efforts of printing pamphlets and shift your promotions to this contemporary platform to get the maximum result.

6.    Encourage Tagging and Sharing :

Your majority target audience is already present on Instagram, now all you need to do is reach them in the right way. Tag your followers in offers also encourage your followers and existing clients on Instagram to share and tag your page forward.            

Images are the best way to stay on customer’s mind. Create your salon’s Instagram page today if you haven’t made one yet. We hope this article helps you and your team to do better if you have any suggestions to do it better feel free to write us at

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