The Story of Jawed Habib – Part 2

Jawed started styling for celebrities since 2003. He was the groomer for Miss India contestants that year. However, it didn’t take long for him to realise that the celeb culture wasn’t his cup of tea as it was restricting his creativity. He never wanted to be a personal barber to the stars; doing only what they want him to do. He tried to cater to the entire spectrum. His dream to open 5,000 salons in India would be possible, if he can walk with the mass.

Let’s see how Jawed has done that…


The strategy that was adopted

“My strategy has been very simple. It is to make the hair manageable. I wanted my customers to leave the salon with a smile. When they reach home, till the time they come next, they should see their hair and feel proud and happy about their mane. I was blessed to bring this happiness to my customers,” says Jawed. Well, it may look effortless on pen & paper, but in reality, it was a lot more than that. According to Jawed’s calculation, there are some odd 672 districts in India. Across these districts, there could be close to two lakh private salons and beauty parlours. If he could convince even a minuscule proportion of these salons to join him, he will be very close to reaching the dream figure of Habib’s salon! Initially, he began reaching out to his students, asking them if they’d like to start a business with him. Some responded. After starting on his own in 2004, Jawed shifted his base to Mumbai and began expanding his business by setting up a system in place. The first step was to start by charging a franchise fee. It wasn’t very high, but it was essential to get everyone under one umbrella. The payments helped Jawed standardise some crucial things — the charges, the look and feel of the salon, the overall experience etc.

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Limited is his flagship brand. He created history with this through the franchising model of business. In the first five years, he had set up 50 salons across many cities in the country. Today he owns more than 500 salons across India with presence in UK and Singapore.

To be continued…

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