Salons as Retail Outlets

Enhance your indoor salon retail sales with these few easy tips.

Nowadays mostly every salon provides retail service at the salon, where an exquisite range of products is made available. A lot of treatments like straightening, curling, rebonding, keratine needs post treatment care. These products not being available in daily retail shops make it easier for customer to buy at the salon itself. Although, the online shopping has now endangered the retail section of salons.

To make sure the retail section in your salon brings additional profit to your business, you have to follow few easy steps. Here are those three tips.

Making the most of salon reception – Reception area is the busiest are in your salon as usually your clients are waiting in this area and have time to explore things available around. Also post treatment, this area provides ease to look through the options during the payment process. If your salon is located on a busy street and your reception area consists of a glass window, it is an ideal place to attract the passersby to your salon with your product display.

Create focal points – Remember point of purchase displays is responsible for 80% of impulsive buys. So, believe in the power of miniature products, those last minute items are likely to tempt your clients encouraging them to spend a little more.

Keep your merchandising simple – It is important to not overload your clients with too many products, instead make it easier for your clients. Categorizing the products according to treatments and use is the best method to skip the hassle. Make sure you keep the area tidy.

We hope these three simple steps will help you make your retail corner of salon lucrative.

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