Learn Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Know everything related to the non-surgical hair replacement procedure by Hair2Wear

Loosing hair before 40’s, hair loss due to heat treatments, hereditary baldness are some of the usual problems which you might have been addressed by your customers. You can now help your customers with the latest invention in non-surgical hair replacement technique. It is a procedure, where you can offer customized hair replacement to a person suffering from baldness in a latest stage. The non-surgical procedure is the latest technique in hair restoration that allows the customer to have a scalp full of hair looking 100% natural. Moreover, it lets the user style, cut, comb and shampoo hair just like the natural ones.

It is an intense procedure that includes analysing the hair and scalp, collecting hair sample, planning a suitable treatment for effective end result and lending the customer a desired look. This whole process needs acute skills and prowess.  It is necessary to learn about the intricacies of the technique and the details about the products to be used of suggested as per the requirement of the client. It is crucial that the process has to be perfect in order to make it blend accurately with the existing hair. There is a special derma base that goes under and feels like a second skin in order to camouflage the artificial hair with the existing ones making it look natural.

This base is light weight and preface, which allows the scalp to breathe. The result should be seamless and thus needs profound training. Attend a special seminar on Non-surgical Hair Replacement by Hair2Wear at Malad, Mumbai on 14th May 2018. This seminar consists showcasing of all the intricacies of the technique and information about the products. For bookings call us at : 8850785945. 

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