Is Your Salon Monsoon Ready?

Make your salon monsoon ready with these simple tips

Monsoon is here, and so is the season of infections and dirt. Although, there are many good reasons to be pampered in this romanticized season, it is equally difficult to get the clients out of their homes. Also, monsoon is the peak time of infections and dirt spreading around. In this case, salon businesses demand special attention at cleanliness and hygiene schedules. Here are a few tips to remember to make sure your salon stays clean and disinfected.

Be Germaphobe – With constant customers entering the salon, it becomes a task to keep the salon dirt free. Make sure you keep a wide spread foot-mat to ensure no dirty or wet footsteps enter. Also, make sure you make special arrangements for umbrellas and raincoats outside the salon or at the billing area.

Staff Hygiene – Your staff is one of the most important factors in salon business. While you spend your resources and time in training them also make sure to keep a keen eye for their hygiene. Washing hands after treatments, wearing masks for keratin and other strong chemical treatments. A clean and healthy staff ensures good hygiene around clients.

Disinfect – Monsoon is the peak time of infections spreading rapidly in environment. With wet footsteps and clothes germs are easily transmitted. And thus makes it extremely important to treat the beauty treatments you offer with a proper medical care. One must always disinfect the used products.

While taking all these measures don’t forget its monsoon, the most romantic season. Make sure you embrace mood of the season with pleasant aromas and soft music in your salon. For more such tips on keeping your salon upgraded read Salonex News – Leading online magazine in salon industry at .

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