How to pamper your clients?

Clients enjoying their salon visits are more likely to be regular.

Often you must have asked your clients after their salon treatment “how did you like the style?” Have you ever thought of asking them “did you enjoy your visit to our salon?” Well, if no then you must consider asking this question. You might be doing the best haircut in the town or the trendiest balayage, but if your client doesn’t step out of your salon feeling special what’s the use?

Salon experience is all about creating a relaxed environment for your client to be felt pampered. And there is no relaxation without adding fun to the experience. It is observed that clients enjoying their salon experience are more likely to return than just being happy with the style. Here are a few simple tips to improve your client’s experience at their next visit to your salon.

Keep them refreshed:

Welcome your clients offering them a glass or a small bottle of water that will keep them hydrated. Also, ask them for tea, coffee or snacks to make start up the whole pampering experience on a good note as a hungry client will never be happy with no matter how good style you deliver.

Start with the basic:

Starting directly with a haircut or a facial can be a huge mistake. Wondering how? A client coming down to your salon steps in with pollution and climate affected the skin. Even a good hair look is incomplete without a fresh face. Make sure you offer them a nice face wet-wipe or a face mask or a clean towel with sprinkled cologne to make them look and feel fresh.

Create a great ambiance:

Keep your salon filled with a mild fragrance that helps the client to relax their senses and start the treatment with a calm mind. The fragrance has a great power to trigger the senses and create a tranquil experience. Select a mild fragrance preferably a tropical one to keep the ambiance filled with a natural good vibe.

Make them feel special:

From the moment a client visits a salon, he/she expect to be treated like an A-lister. Well, why not after all the whole point of spending on all those treatments is to be felt pampered. While applying colours make sure the foils are rolled properly in a way it doesn’t make the client look ugly as he/ she looks into the mirror while it dries. Make sure you give a light massage to the palms and feel while doing manicure and pedicure that adds to the overall experience. These little details matter the most.

Right recommendations and consultations:

Clients suffer various problems from ageing to hair fall and dark spots to dandruff. Not all the clients are comfortable sharing their problems. Make sure you do consultation in a right manner without making them feel uncomfortable. Also, make sure you research the products you recommend thoroughly so that you can answer all their queries.

Avoid coming up with the bill as a surprise:

Making a client aware of prices from the start is very important. A lot of times a client agrees for a treatment assuming a price and at the paying desk, the actual price comes much higher than expected. Well, such unpleasant surprises at the desk can ruin the whole experience for a client. Hence it is important to discuss the prices and other details like estimated time to complete, brands, etc in beginning itself.

Line the treatments smartly

Customers visiting your salon for various treatments need different timings to complete the respective treatments. Make sure you align the treatments in a manner in which the client doesn’t feel exhausted or bored. You can combine two treatments like pedicure and hair colouring but make sure you don’t juggle up things and create a chaos around the client.

Finishing is everything

The look that a client carries stepping out of your salon speaks about the whole experience you deliver to them. Use the best of your skills to make the client look and feel confident about the look you gave. Imagine stepping out of a place having each hair strand fall in place, a hair colour complementing the skin tone, the right nail colour shade that goes with a dress, doesn’t it feel like a dream? This kind of finishing is what you must aim for.

We are sure that a client feeling pampered at your salon will not only be loyal to your brand but will also recommend it further. Clients share both good and bad experiences, make sure you make the most out of it by delivering the best. We hope this article helps you and your team to do better if you have any suggestions to do it better feel free to write us at

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