How to make your clients feel wonderful?


Find secret ingredients to build the luxury salon business.


Any person planning to visit a salon is not just planning to get a new look but is aiming at a feel-good experience. The very moment a client steps in a salon, he/she must experience joy and comfort. A visit to the salon is a very personal and “me time” moment for the client and it is crucial at this time for the client to feel comfortable to enjoy every moment of their visit and after they have left let them go back with a great feel-good factor.

It is important that a client goes away feeling happy and confident that she has had a good experience. Not just in the services given in your salon but also in her own inner happiness.

Starting next week we will publish a series of snippets on how to make clients feel good and invite salon owners to share their thoughts on how they make their clients feel wonderful.

If you want to set a parameter for a salon experience make your clients feel like they are just walking off from a movie set. A client feeling happy and confident is itself publicity to your salon. Besides training your staff with best of the techniques and upgrading them with the latest trends, it is crucial to take in account the minor details and make every moment of the client spent in you salon count.

Here are a few details to check on that will make a huge impact in making your salon a luxury experience.

Staff Uniforms: A presentable staff can already help you win the client’s heart half way. Clean, ironed uniforms create a professional impact and help maintain the brand essence. A shabby, stinky and inappropriate dress can end up making your clients uncomfortable.

Lights: Setting is everything. Lights form an important part of interiors and a proper light is important for different purposes like threading and manicure. Apart from this lights play a crucial in setting the mood.


Furniture: Comfort is the key to relaxation. If the seats are non-adjustable or the chair is uncomfortable, no matter how good a job you do the client is going to step out of your salon with a feeling of discomfort. Besides comfort, it is important to pay attention to the material of the furniture. Seats made from finest materials, marble washbasins, soothing shades all together make a luxurious experience lending your clients utmost relaxation.

Fragrance: The concept of self-care has been elevated to a level, where relaxation and rejuvenation purpose is added to the overall grooming experience. To drift a client away from everyday stresses, it is important you create a magnificent ambience. And no ambience is complete without a soothing aroma. If your salon smells good, you have already set the tone for the pampering experience of your clients the moment they step inside. There is no doubt that the connection between aroma and emotions is the strongest of all senses.

Hygiene: We are well aware that taking in account the process of haircutting, manicure and other grooming processes salon is a place that tends to get messy in no time. Yet an ideal salon is expected to be picture-perfect clean and attractive. We recommend appointing a full time dedicated staff for cleaning the salon professionally, leaving no dead hair or even a nail behind. Sanitization of equipment is one of the most crucial points in hygiene checkup as the unclean or cross-contamination of equipment can land you in a problem. The cleaning rules do not only go for the salon furniture and equipment but also is applied to the personal hygiene of the employees. Salon employees must avoid body odour and untidy nails or hands as they closely come in contact with the clients.

Complimentary Massage: An ideal entrepreneur must know how to surprise clients with little perks. A quick head massage after threading or a foot relaxation after pedicure are small gestures that make a huge impact on clients leaving them with a smile on face. After all, a happy customer is itself promotion to your business.

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