How to make your clients feel special?

Strike conversations with clients that will help you make an excellent connect.

The whole theory of ‘how to make your clients feel special?’can be summed up in one solution. In fact just one question ‘what do you talk to your clients?’ A warm greeting exchanged to welcome them is where it all starts. But how do you take this forward is the key area, where you can convert any client into a regular customer. Making friends is easy for a lot of people,but keeping them is a task. The same applies when it comes to maintaining clients.   

This too can be done in a few simple steps of communication.To make sure your clients feel special and keep returning to you, it is crucial to understand a few basic techniques better communication skills. Keeping clients happy is no such rocket science. What makes it difficult is to put the whole lot of effort when you are on tight schedule on a busy day.

Here are a few steps to work on while communicating effectively with your clients at the salon.

It’s all about you (the client):

Remember the golden rule of impressing a client is that the client is the most important person. Pamper your client with little surprise by offering a special discount or complementary treatment. Try to remember small things about your client, for example, what style like or dislike their product allergies if any, etc. Create consistency to maintain their trust in your salon.

Putting the extra effort:

Taking one extra step to create an overwhelming experience for your client can work wonders. Offer your customers snacks or coffee in case the treatment is time-consuming. Keeping spare umbrellas to offer to clients on a sudden rain will create a great impact and also save the whole lot of effort went behind that gorgeous hairdo.

Punctuality is the soul of business:

 Time is one of the most important factors, which often gets neglected in salons assuming that clients only visit a salon in leisure time. A client might drop by in urgency to tweeze eyebrow or a clean shaved look before heading to an important event.If the client mentions the urgency prior try rescheduling the appointments to the needful in time. Such a client will always remember your salon and trust you with the best.

Appreciate more to impress:

A lot of salon professionals make a mistake of criticizing the clients to make they feel a need of a treatment. Although, this can go in reverse as one criticizing comment can put down your client’s mood. You can subtly suggest product/treatment/remedy or a take-care tip to the client but in a way that won’t hurt their sentiment. On the other hand, appreciating them for their best feature can make them feel good. 

A good humour will get you there:

What is relaxation if there is no laughter? It is always a good idea to crack jokes and keep the environment light with a good humour. Generally, men’s salons are filled with laughter and jokes as it helps the professional to create a rapport with their clients. Make sure you don’t joke about or mention any political views, just to be on a safer side.  

For any communication to get better it is crucial that you listen equally as much you speak. These tips can help you create a great rapport with your clients making them feel comfortable at your salon. If you have any tips to make communication with salon clients better, you can write to us at .

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