How To Cool Down An Upset Guest

Learn knacks to keep your clients happy.

Salon business hugely depends on the client relations. It is crucial that you keep your clients happy with services and communication skills. This not only helps you get good word of mouth publicity but also sustains existing clients. Although, there is no business ever where there are no client complaints. The secret for a successful business is to make handle those complaints with utmost care. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while communicating to upset guests.

Things to do

Stay calm: Patience is the solution to the majority of the problems. When things don’t seem to go right, listen and soak what the guests are really saying.

Connect: Make your bond with your clients stronger by communicating with them. Connect with your guests and ensure them that they know you and you understand them.

Collaborate: Involving clients in making a right decision amongst the various options is a very important point to follow.


Things not to do

Curse: When at work, it is crucial to handle your temper. Never let your temper get the best of you.

Correct: Many a times you come across inaccurate feedbacks from clients. At such times remember to ask questions instead of correcting and lead them to accurate facts.

Condescend: Remember the best defense is a biggest offense. Hence when the negative feedback comes your way try to be patient and avoid replying in impulsiveness.

We hope these steps have helped you to know knacks to build healthy relation with your clients. For more such salon business and marketing insight tips follow India’s leading online salon magazine – Salonex Hair and Beauty News at

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