How does your salon smell?

Create a completely relaxing experience with the power of aromas.

With the growing importance of the emotional quotient in the overall salon experience, the importance of including factors triggering emotions is also coming in focus. Aroma in a salon is just as important to a tranquil Buddha statue in a spa. Relaxation comes with entering a psychological state of starting a wellness journey. And to make your client enter that state you need to create an ambience that will drift their mind from the daily – life stress.

It is a proven fact that out of all five senses smell is the most effective one. As it is connected to the brain’s limbic system, it triggers both memories as well as emotions. Aromas have been used to create an uninterrupted experience for ages now across various fields. An enchanting aroma will not only make an instant good impression on your client’s mind but will also stay in their memory bank.

Choose Your Signature Scent

A fragrance has ten times more chance to stay on a client’s mind than something that is seen, heard or touched. Your salon will be transformed from the image of being a mere salon to a brand with a consistent image, feel and service provided at your salon. Choosing a signature salon plays a crucial part in creating this consistent experience as the customers start connecting the fragrance with your salon.

How to create a perfect aromatic experience?

An aroma being used to elevate customer’s experience is a tried and tested strategy by all major businesses. There are number of ways to spread enchanting aroma in your salon. Here are the top four ways that will help you do it effortlessly.

  • Room fresheners – Easy and pocket-friendly, room fresheners are one of the most effective ways that will help you spread a welcoming fragrance across your salon without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Aroma Vaporizers – Aroma vaporizers create a magical environment escalating the whole environment to a level higher. Along with spreading a mild fragrance, it also carries a beautiful appearance. The alluring ceramic pot contains a water heating bowl with a tea lit candle below. Adding your preferred fragrance oil to the heating water instantly spreads a mild aroma across the salon.
  • Aroma diffusers – Aroma diffusers are a lot in fashion nowadays. The reed sticks create an enchanting experience as they are dipped in a bottle of fragrance oil. Reed diffusers also go well to set the ambience for spa treatments.
  • Scented candles – Scented candles can light up any ambience in no time. These scented candles carry a mild fragrance that spreads across the room until the last flame. Also, these candles come in various shapes, colors and sizes to suit your ambience aptly.


What causes bad odor in a salon?

Salon is a place where various treatments like pedicure, manicure are performed that involves removal of dirt and spreads odor. Make sure you use products with soothing fragrances in the process to make the experience of a client pleasant. Other than these there are procedures like threading and waxing, where the beautician works closely with customer and body odor of beautician can cause trouble for the customer. With many people stepping in and out of the salon, their smelly feet can also be a huge reason odor especially in monsoon.


Usually, most of the salon products carry their own fragrance that fills the room with different fragrances. Although, these mild aromas make a huge difference as it creates a balanced psychological experience. We hope this article help you create a tranquil experience in your salon, if you have any suggestions to do it better feel free to write us at

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