Beauty and Wellness Tourism


India is a country with rich heritage and is known for the origin of many treatments and remedies. Yoga, Ayurveda and other such wellness treatments are some amongst it. The estimated growth of wellness sector is 50% faster than the global tourism this year. Also, experts believe that a significant amount of share in the same will contributed by the Asian market. As the people from west discovered the benefits of Ayurveda for rejuvenation and curing skin problems wellness tourism took hype in India and then there was no looking back.

Not just the ancient technique of Ayurveda but India is also a country with some of the best dermatologists. Also, the spa industry in India is growing largely taking in accounts the invasion of international spa brands in the country. Some of the major hotel groups like Oberoi Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels and Trident Hotels incorporate spa services with a unique blend of cultural and wellness heritage driving the growth of wellness tourism in India. Keeping in mind India’s cultural heritage destination spa ownerships like Ananda and Soukya in Himalaya’s are a major spot of global attraction. The beauty and wellness industry is shaping its way in India and the exhibitions focusing on imparting knowledge about the same is need of the hour.

With Kerala alone playing a major role in attracting the primary wellness travelers, the three tier cities manage to support the secondary wellness tourism in India. Today the beauty and wellness tourism sector has limited number of people with full-fledged awareness about the concept. It is stated by the industry veterans that with increased number of players it can help boost the beauty and wellness tourism market in India. Also, leveraging this industry needs better funding, enhanced rating and feedback system and government accreditation body to ensure trust and brand awareness. That will encourage tourists to opt India for beauty and wellness tourism wholeheartedly.

There is a need to spread more awareness about the concept and brainstorm for news ideas that can help level up the beauty and wellness tourism in India. At Salonex we bring different branches of this industry including experts, professionals, business owners, skill education institutes and government accreditation bodies all under one roof. Thus creating a preferable professional environment to brainstorm as well as learn about the new business aspects.



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