5 Useful Tips For Effective Salon Leadership

Follow these simple tips for effective salon leadership.   

From mentor to business strategist, marketing guru to customer relations expert, salon owners have many hats to wear. As impressive as this multitasking ability may look, it is all for nothing if a salon owner overlooks the critical factors that keep both the clients and stylists happy and inspired. Here we have compiled five tips for prioritizing those things that determine the overall character and attitude of the salon.

  1. Make Culture-Building Central To Your Management Strategy:

Be a leader, a motivator. If you follow the rules and ethics, the team will have no option but to fall in line. Be very careful while choosing a new member of your team. The new entrant must undergo an induction programme to understand the culture of the salon. Offer paid vacation, healthcare, incentives and other facilities to your team members.

  1. Ensure Clients Receive Consistent Service:

Just as you have a plan for bringing new guests into the salon, have a strategy for keeping clients coming back too. Give complimentary services, ask for their feedback after every service and follow their suggestion.

  1. Inspire Stylists To Make A Career, Not A Job:

If you are able to motivate your team to run that extra mile, your salon will also be benefitted. Because then your unit will comprise of ‘artists’ not workers!

  1. Focus On The Quality Of Your Salon Rather Than The Number Of The Locations:

Planning an expansion is great for business, but the quality check is also crucial. Expand to a new area only when you are super-confident about the already running locations.

  1. When Expanding, Make Sure You Know Current Business:

Sometimes you can find a new location within the space you already have, by simple restructuring. Sometimes a lot of owners think that they need to open a new location. But maybe all they need to do is appoint one interior designer to redo the rooms and make three new stations!

We hope these steps have helped you to take entrepreneurship at a new level. For more such salon business and marketing insight tips follow India’s leading online salon magazine – Salonex Hair and Beauty News at bit.ly/SalonexNews.

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