5 Basic Rules of Salon Hygiene

Learn the basic rules of salon hygiene to keep your business client friendly.

A salon is a place where hygiene is most important. One shabby corner in your salon is enough to make your clients walk out. Various research studies over the years have stated that sanitation is the most important deciding factor for most of the customers when it comes to salon and spa business.

With the growing fame of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, almost every business and organization has now started incorporating cleanliness measures in their business structure. In a grooming business it is important to keep the salon environment clean and bacteria free. With so many people stepping in and out of the salon, it is possible that the bacteria might enter leaving your place contaminated.

This can be avoided with time to time cleanliness measures, sanitization, maintaining the ambience and other such habits. There are a few procedures like facial, pedicure, manicure, botox injections need extra cleanliness precautions. There are various techniques to incorporate in order to avoid infections from spreading in a salon.

  1. Cleaning: The first step has to be cleaning all the visible dirt from the surface. Clean shelves and furniture are an important part of the cleaning process.
  2. Sanitizing: All the instruments and surface in use should be chemically cleaned to avoid spreading of infections.
  3. Disinfecting: Taking into account the procedures of a salon, the disinfecting of instruments is crucial. This process includes a chemical procedure to kill the majority of micro-organisms.
  4. Sterilizing: The dead hair, dead skin, people carrying environmental germs and many such other factors lead to various dangerous microbial lives enter your salon. A proper sterilization of all the instruments in use on regular intervals with a sterilizer is a must.
  5. Air-conditioning: To keep your salon client friendly, one must take care of the temperature as it affects the mood of clients as well as helps run heated procedures like waxing and steaming smoothly. Air-conditioners prevent germs and dust particles as well as roadside noise from entering your salon, lending a quiet and relaxing salon experience to the clients.

Apart from these measures there are some probabilities, which can’t be controlled. Such as an employee suffering from an infection can not only pass it to the co-workers leading to absenteeism, but also can pass it to your clients and result affecting your brand reputation. In such cases you are advised to promote your employees with healthy habits to prevent falling sick and provide adequate sick leaves.

A salon is not just a space to get a makeover but also a relaxation place that helps you forget all the stress. And this is your responsibility as a salon owner to deliver that experience with no interruption. Maintaining these few simple hygiene habits will surely ensure a great client experience.

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