107 Salons Shut in Dubai for Poor Hygiene

Dubai government takes strict action to make sure good hygiene amongst salons.

Dubai is one of the major countries contributing to the growth of salon and cosmetic industry. The consumers spent US$2.1 billion on beauty and personal care in 2016. This stat talk loud and clear about the growing interest of the UAE consumers in the grooming industry. Looking at the same the government of Dubai decided to make sure the salon hygiene stays as the priority for all the male as well as female salons businesses. In order to ensure the same, Dubai municipality has liquidated 107 salons. Also, it has issued 6,408 fines to male and female salons respectively for not maintaining the hygiene standards.

65 of these 107 salons were barbershops and the rest 42 were hairdressers. As per stated by Dubai Municipality, 10,815 inspections were carried in the year 2017. 3,592 salons across the emirate were monitored, which include 1,859 men’s salons and 1,634 hairdressers. From the luxurious salons in shopping malls to the barber shops placed in the busy market streets of Dubai, the municipality of Dubai took a yearlong inspection through all the salons. Not only that but the Dubai municipality has started a hotline where one can call and complain if they find a salon offering service with poor hygiene.

Some of the basic checkpoints in the list to inspect:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Sanitized hands of professionals
  3. Hand sanitizers in washrooms
  4. Clean towels
  5. Clean and packaged products
  6. Clean gowns and slippers provided to the customers

The intense quality check investment and measures were taken on breaking the hygiene laws by Dubai municipality not only show that salon business is taken very seriously by in UAE but also indicate the boom in the market of beauty and wellness industry. This will help strengthen customers’ trust in services offered by salon industry and also result in an increase in revenue.

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